ZOOM ONLINE Lace Front Wig Making Online ClassZoom

ZOOM ONLINE Lace Front Wig Making Online Class

ZOOM ONLINE Lace Front Wig Making Online Class
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ZOOM PRIVATE ONLINE CLASS. Includes: Class, Supply Kit (Shipped), Hair Vendor Details, TWC Back Pack & Certificate

This class is easy to follow on zoom. 2 devices can be used during zoom class. (ex. Iphone, Ipad or laptop). Also, have a device stand. However, only 1 student can attend. No observers.

www.Zoom.com or download ZOOM app.

Hands on zoom class. Learn how to make a complete Lace Front Wig with a sewing machine. Machine tutorial included, no experience needed. You will use a lace frontal or a lace closure and weft hair to make your wig. This Lace Front Wig Making Class is great for beginners who want to learn how to make lace front wigs on a sewing machine. This class will speed your wig making time up in entirety. After you learn the basics from me and with practice, you be able to make on a machine in approximately an hour.

Make wigs quick fast and easy. Most students that have never touched a machine before do just as well as those that have used one. I am a former seamstress, combined with being a current Hair Extensionist for over 18 years. This alone gives me the background & tools to train you to be a Great Wig Maker. With your promptness, patience, & willingness to learn I can most likely transfer this Wig Making Talent on to you. Increase your income today! Make money from home. Machine Tutorial is at the beginning of class.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Machine Tutorial on how to use a sewing machine. How to fit a customer for a lace front wig. The easy consultation. How to use a sewing machine to make a complete professional Lace Front Wig. The Different Types of Wig Caps. How to add a lace frontal or lace closure to wig cap with a machine. How to add the accessories with the sewing machine.

CLASS INCLUDES (Shipped To You): Machine Tutorial, Machine Thread, Pin Wheel, Practice Fabric, Pre-lined Wig Cap, Wig Combs, Wig Band, Weaving Thread, Weaving Needle, Clips, Comb, Scissors, Hair Vendor Details, Back Pack & Certificate.

HAVE THESE ITEMS ON HAND FOR ZOOM CLASS: Bring recommended Weave College Sewing Machine. Bring Canvas Wig Head. Tripod Mannequin Stand. A Lace Frontal/ Lace Closure. If using a Lace Frontal bring 2 Bundles/Packs weft Hair. If using a Lace Closure bring 3 Bundles/Packs of weft Hair. Comb, Scissors, Clips & 3 Foot Extension Cord.
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