10 Techniques | Frontals & Extensions

10 Techniques | Frontals & Extensions
Lace Frontal & Extensions Install (10 Techniques Class)

Please sign up in advance to secure your seat. This is the only way we will know you are attending. We DO NOT collect monies at the door.

In this class you will learn 10 Hair Extension Techniques by Rhonda Robinson. Some which are my very own trademarked techniques. I show you to correct way of how to install hair fusion which is one of the most expensive hair extension techniques on the market. I share my Infulocks® technique which is permanent fusion dredlock extensions. My most popular viral video technique "The Braidless Sew-in (The Originator)" is also in this class. This video went viral on youtube. Lastly, The Lace Frontal Sew-in as I am also the originator of this sew-in technique originated in (2005). This class will boost your income dramatically. Most are my very own registered & trademarked techniques issued by The United States Patent Office. Receive the tools to possibly become a 6 figure stylist. Get ahead of your competitors.

Hands on workshop class. Learn how to install a Lace Frontal, Fitting for a 360, Make Up Lace Technique To Avoid Bleaching Damage, Tweezing/Plucking Baby Hair For Natural Appearance, Tape Extensions Install & Retaping, Hair Fusion Install. Flat Fusion Install, Micro Link Hair Cold Fusion (No Heat) & Braidless Sewin Technique.

Bring: Mannequin Head with Hair (Shoulder Length), Lace Frontal & 360 Frontal (Optional -can share ours). Tripod Stand, Shears & Comb.

Everything else needed, we bring in a gift supply kit. Certificates are emailed after class. http://www.paypal.me/ghec or Cash App: $WeaveGenius

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