Chicago IL | Flawless Lace Sew-in | Sunday 4:00pm-7:00pm (PAYMENT PLAN)

FLAWLESS LACE FRONT SEW-IN INSTALL. This technique is for a great protective style or alopecia hair loss.

Class Hosted by Rhonda Robinson (Weave Genius) Weave College. 19 Years Experienced Licensed Pro Extensions Stylist & Innovator.

Includes: Hands on Class, Class Supply Kit, Brazilian Hair Vendor Details, TWC Back Pack & Certificate for $490.

For Payment Plan Pay Your $98 Deposit. Then make 4 payments of $98 with a credit card, zelle or cash app. Payment Balances Due Monday 6 Days Before The Event Date.

Learn how to install a Lace Frontal Sew-in, Lace Closure Sew-in or Lace Front Wig Sew-in. In this hands on class I show you how to properly attach a lace sew-in. I will show you track cutting and the fold over method for how to properly install a sew-in. You will learn tweezing and how to shape the baby hair. How to mark hairline prior to adding adhesive. You will also learn what make-up I use for parting. My technique will speed up your time without jeopardizing your install. The Flawless lace sew-ins are great for clients with alopecia troubled hair or as a normal protective hair weaving style. Please braid mannequin hair down in 8-10 tracks prior to class. The focus is on the install. I will also share additional braid patterns in class.

The Lace Frontal Sew-in technique was originated by me (Rhonda Robinson) back in 2005. It went viral and is still popular today!

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN SUMMARIZED: Learn the following sew-in techniques: *How to install Lace Frontal Sew-in or Lace Closure Sew-in with adhesive (technique will also last without adhesive). *How to cleanse & prep. *How to cut lace. *How to mark hairline prior to adding adhesive. *How to apply make up to lace parting. *How to pluck baby hair. *How to lay baby hair. *Proper stitching & connecting of tracks. *Fold over technique & track cutting technique. *How to speed up your time without jeopardizing your work.

WEAVE COLLEGE SEWIN KIT INCLUDES: Lace Adhesive, Lace Tint Spray, Sew-in Net, Tweezers, Make Up Brushes, Weaving Thread, Weaving Needles, Clips, Comb, Hair Grippers, Elastic & Scissors, Brazilian Hair Vendor Details, TWC Back Pack & Certificate. All Inclusive for $490.

POTENTIAL INCOME: $550-$850 if you include or retail the hair with service. Boost your income today!

WHAT TO BRING: •Bring a Lace Closure or Lace Frontal & 2 Bundles/Packs of Hair (Cheap bundles for class practice). •Bring 10”-12" Mannequin Head with Hair. Please braid in 8-10 cornrows straight back prior to class (the focus is on the install & Stitching techniques). •Tripod Mannequin Stand.


Please sign up in advance to secure your seat before it sells out. I have a seating limit. I DO NOT collect money at the door.

Check Email For Updates & Payment Plan Details.



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