1-On-1 Lace Front Wig Making Class In Person (Paying In Full)

Item# 101lfwpif
LACE FRONT WIG MAKING CLASS WITH SEWING MACHINE Lace Front Wig Making with Sewing Machine by Weave Genius Weave College. Great for beginners no experience & no license needed. Make wigs quick fast and easy. Our results are in the photos. Once you learn our technique you will be able to make lace front wigs within the hour. You will use a lace closure or frontal with weft hair to make the lace front wig.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Machine Tutorial on how to use a sewing machine. How to fit a customer for a lace front wig. The easy consultation. How to use a sewing machine to make a complete professional Lace Front Wig. The Different Types of Wig Caps. How to add a lace frontal or lace closure to wig cap with a machine. How to add the accessories with the sewing machine.

CLASS INCLUDES: Machine Tutorial, Machine Thread, Pin Wheel, Practice Fabric, Pre-lined Wig Cap, Wig Combs, Wig Band, Weaving Thread, Weaving Needle, Clips, Comb, Scissors & Certificate Emailed.

WHAT TO BRING: Weave College Sewing Machine. Threading Tutorial will be on the Weave College Sewing Machine. If you bring a different machine, you will need to know how to thread it for class. Also Bring: Lace Closure or Lace Frontal with 3 bundles of weft hair, Canvas Block Head, Tripod Mannequin Stand, 3 foot extension cord.
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