TWC Deluxe Sewing Machines | Click Here

TWC Deluxe Sewing Machines  | Click Here
The 'TWC DELUXE MACHINE' is the recommended sewing machine for the Best Wig Making Experience. This machine has a maximum sewing speed of 650rpm, durable quality and has several zigzag options. You will be able to follow along easily in our group setting with this machine. The machine tutorial (how to thread & operate) will be on the ‘TWC DELUXE MACHINE’. However, if you have purchased the previously recommended ‘BROTHER CE8100 or CS5055PRW MACHINE’ we will assist you. Any other machine types brought to class to learn wig making, you will need to know how to thread & operate, as we cannot do numerous sewing machine tutorials in our group workshops. Please Note: Bringing any old out-dated machine can jeopardize your wig making class experience.

Machines available 6/19/2020.
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