Flawless Lace Sew-in Install Class - CLICK TO BUY

Flawless Lace Sew-in Install Class - CLICK TO BUY

Learn how to install a Lace Frontal Sew-in, Lace Closure Sew-in or Lace Front Wig Sew-in. In this hands on class I show you how to properly attach a lace sew-in. I will show you track cutting and the fold over method for how to properly install a sewin. You will learn tweezing and how to shape the baby hair. How to mark hairline prior to adding adhesive. You will also learn what make-up I use for parting. My technique will speed up your time without jeopardizing your install. The Flawless lace sew-ins are great for clients with alopecia troubled hair or as a normal protective hair weaving style. Please braid mannequin hair down in 8-10 tracks prior to class. The focus is on the install. I will also share additional braid patterns in class.

The Lace Frontal Sew-in technique was originated by me (Rhonda Robinson) back in 2005. It went viral and is still popular today!

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN SUMMARIZED: Learn the following sew-in techniques: *How to install Lace Frontal Sew-in or Lace Closure Sew-in with adhesive (technique will also last without adhesive). *How to cleanse & prep. *How to cut lace. *How to mark hairline prior to adding adhesive. *How to apply make up to lace parting. *How to pluck baby hair. *How to lay baby hair. *Proper stitching & connecting of tracks. *Fold over technique & track cutting technique. *How to speed up your time without jeopardizing your work.

WEAVE COLLEGE SEWIN KIT INCLUDES: Sew-in Net, Tweezers, Razor, Make Up Brushes, Weaving Thread, Weaving Needles, Clips, Comb, Elastic & Scissors.

Certificate Emailed.

WHAT TO BRING: •Bring a Lace Closure or Lace Frontal & 2 Bundles/Packs of Hair. •Bring 10”-12" Mannequin Head with Hair. Please braid in 8-10 cornrows straight back prior to class (the focus is on the install). •Tripod Mannequin Stand,

Please sign up in advance to secure your seat. This is the only way we will know you are attending. WE DO NOT COLLECT MONIES AT THE DOOR.

You can Pay In Full for $390 with No Processing Fee. Payment Plans are $65 with $10 Processing Fee. SAVE WHEN YOU PAY IN FULL. Payment Balances Due 5 Days Prior to Event Date. Due on Tuesday Prior. After Tuesday it's $35 Late Fee.

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