Cutting & Styling Class

Cutting & Styling Class
Cutting & Styling Class 3.5 Hours

Please sign up in advance to secure your seat. This is the only way we will know you are attending. We DO NOT collect monies at the door.

Hands on workshop class. Learn how to clipper cut a Bob. How to razor cut a Bob. How to feather style a Bob. Pixie Cut Demonstration. How to do vintage waves. How to do C-Curls on Short Hair. How To Use Marcel Irons (optional). When & How To Apply Product.

Bring a Mannequin Head with Straight Human Hair 16" or longer. Note: (If you are also taking The Flawless Sew-in class, finished sew-in can be used in cut and style class. Clippers, Shears, Flat Iron, & Tripod Mannequin Stand. Bring Marcel Ceramic Heater Stove (if you want to learn marcels) optional.

Everything else needed, we bring in a gift supply kit. Certificates are emailed after class. or Cash App: $WeaveGenius

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